The Playlist剧情介绍

《The Playlist》是挖掘明星播放列表中隐藏的名曲和隐藏的艺人并重新照明的节目。重新召唤明星们介绍的歌手和音乐,并瞄准逆袭。 详情


rihanna 的only girl 艾薇儿的 what the hell kesha的 We R Who We R Black Eyed Peas -的The Time Willow Smith - Whip My Hair Year 3X-Chris Brown,Enrique-Tonight 正确

Egil Olsen的《Playlist》 歌词

歌曲名:Playlist歌手:Egil Olsen专辑:I Am A Singer/Songwriterplaylist-egil olsenone day you will wake up a and thinkwhat the hell is goin on where the fuck did i go wrongyou’re gonna go see a shrinkcry and bable on about the meaning of your songsnobody ever got to listenthe radio didn’t wanna playlist themthey might as well not have existedi don’t understand what i been missinyou’ve always worked hardinsisted to try without the handbook or a guideoh no I didn’t get you farnow all you do is write new hits and hide themso nobody else can get a listenyou don’t need the radio to playlist themto me they have always existedyou got to understand there’s absolutely nothing you been missin


The Playlist